Survey on coffee consumption trends

A survey carried out by the Guatemalan Rafael Landivar University (URL) reveals that 86% of students prefer to consume special coffees, including espresso, macchiato, cappucino and latte, at coffee shops. The survey adds that 47% of people visiting coffee shops consume cappuccino, whereas 21.5% prefer flavoured coffees. The survey shows that half of the students polled often visit this type of establishments, with 40% of women visiting them once a week, and 42% visiting them twice or more times a week.

Meanwhile, some 33% of men go to coffee shops once a week and 45% go twice or more times. About 89.5% of those people visiting coffee shops go with somebody else, with 34% of women going with their boyfriends and 64% with friends, whereas 45% of men go with their girlfriends and 58% with friends. The Guatemalan coffee industry association Anacafe also indicates that average coffee consumption reaches 1.84 cups after dinner, while it stands at 1.38 cups at breakfast.

Provider: Esmerk
December 2, 2009


Pollo Campero eyes Colombian market

Guatemalan fried chicken restaurant chain Pollo Campero has expressed interest in making a foray into the Colombian market. The company is said to be entering the local market through an alliance with local fast food chain Kokoriko, although the latter has declined to make comments in this respect. Pollo Campero currently operates more than 240 restaurants in Central America, Spain, China, US and is planning to expand in South America. In Colombia, Pollo Campero would directly compete with KFC, Pollo Frisby, Kokoriko, Brasa Roja, Cali Mio and Cali Vea.

Publication: Esmerk - News monitoring
Provider: Esmerk
November 9, 2009

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